Founded at Cornell University on October 13, 1890. Chartered at LSU on January 11, 1941.

The mission of Delta Chi is to promote friendship, develop character, advance justice and assist in the acquisition of a sound education.

The LSU Chapter seeks gentlemen of integrity, intellect and high moral character. Click "Recruitment" for more information.

The Delta Chi Fraternity's Core Values

Promoting Friendship

Delta Chi was founded on the principle of bringing together men of similar interests to work towards a common good.

Developing Character

The character of a man is the greatest measure of his potential. In Delta Chi, character is a core value and the cornerstone of the Fraternity.

Advancing Justice

A Delta Chi is always concerned with doing the right thing, even when it might not be the popular thing to do.

Sound Education

The reason you chose to go to college was to get an education. Delta Chi helps you make that happen.

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