Rush Frequently Asked Questions

Joining a fraternity is a monumental decision in a young man's life - here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the fraternity experience and Delta Chi:

Why join a fraternity?

This is a question that is really hard to answer in a general sense, since the reasons men join fraternities differ so much. For some, it is the lure of a huge party every so often, for others, the chance to assist in the community with various philanthropies. Anyone who visits LSU's campus will quickly realize how overwhelming it can be. Joining a fraternity is an excellent way to narrow down the numbers and make it easier to build lasting friendships.

Why Delta Chi?

Here at LSU, Delta Chi has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. We have tremendous tradition, not only here at LSU but within our international fraternity as a whole. Since 1941, the LSU Chapter has worked diligently to uphold the values set forth by our founders: friendship, character, justice and education. In the 75 years since Delta Chi came to LSU, this is undoubtedly one of the most exciting periods in our history and you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

While there is no one "type" of person that Delta Chi consists of or looks for, we seek men of integrity, intellect and high moral character that we believe exemplify our cardinal principles.

Delta Chi participates in several philanthropic events throughout the year.
(Pictured: Delta Zeta's "Turtle Tug" philanthropy.)

What events and activities do you have?

We have a complete schedule planned for every semester that ranges from social events to philanthropic activities. This schedule consists of bus trips, house parties, exchanges, crawfish boils, tailgates, road trips, spring break, our philanthropy event, community service events, brotherhood events, intramurals and more.

Our signature events primarily consist of: Mystery Ball (semi-formal), Founder's Day (alumni and family weekend), Halloween Bourbon Bus Trip, Christmas Cocktails and the White Carnation Formal.

Will joining Delta Chi take away most of my time and infringe on my studies?

The answer to both questions is no. Our chapter allows each individual member to be as active in the fraternity as he wants. We require each member to attend weekly chapter meetings and major events/activities (such as our philanthropy event), and Associate Members are also required to attend AM meetings to learn about Delta Chi's history, values and operations.

As for school, we firmly believe that studies come before anything else. The overall Greek GPA is higher than that of the overall non-Greek GPA. You will find that members of our chapter are determined to assist each other in and outside of the lecture halls and classrooms. Living in the house also does not interfere with studying. Through effective time management, great results can be obtained from both your studies and Delta Chi membership.

How much are dues and is there a payment plan?

Dues are $1,200/semester - this covers new member and initiation fees, Delta Chi International HQ and Interfraternity Council dues and assessments, risk insurance, and chapter programming (e.g., social events, philanthropies, etc.).

We understand that every member's financial situation may be different. We offer a flexible payment plan for those unable to pay the entire cost at once.

Why The Myths of Fraternities Don't Apply to Us

"Fraternities are based on alcohol and parties."

Delta Chi prides itself on the ability to have fun with or without alcohol. Delta Chi allows you to exercise personal freedom whether to drink or not, without pressure to conform.

"Fraternity members are underachievers."

The average GPA for all fraternity men is higher than the average GPA of a college male. At Delta Chi, your education comes first above all chapter functions. Additionally, many of our members are involved in various leadership positions throughout campus, including Student Government and IFC.

"Fraternity members are rich and elitist."

Delta Chi is proud of the varied and diverse backgrounds from which it draws its members. Delta Chi is also affordable. In fact, it costs far less to live in the Delta Chi house than it does to live in any of the dorms.

There are 9 Delta Chi regions in the U.S. and Canada consisting of over 120 chapters.

Anything else?

Delta Chi is a very large international fraternity with over 120 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. All Delta Chi's are supportive of one another no matter where they come from, which means you have a home in every city where there is a Delta Chi chapter.

The extensive history and size of Delta Chi results in a very large alumni base. You never know what connections you can make after you graduate, or you may even find out that the person interviewing you is a Delta Chi.

At Delta Chi, we establish an environment where it is easy to make friends quickly. You will be surprised by how many people you meet, the friends you will make and the experiences you will have as a member of The Delta Chi Fraternity.